island JABUKA

The island of Jabuka (the apple) is situated some 70 km in the west-north-west from Komiza. Unlike all the other limestone islands of the Dalmatian coast, Jabuka, next to Brusnik, is the only Croatian island consisting entirely of igneous rocks. Magnetite in the rocks causes inclinations of the magnetic needles of passing ships. Jabuka is really 97 m high, steep crag, on which coming ashore is possible on one place only, in the south- west of the island, and when the tide is low, also in the north-east. Putting boat to shore is made more complicated by the fact that even the smallest wind causes great waves in the open seas. A small number of plant and animal species has adapted to the rough climate. The endemic plant species of knapweed (Centaurea jabukensis, Centaurea crithmifolia) or animal species of black lizard (Lacerta fiumana pomoensis) are most interesting. The sea surrounding Jabuka is excellent fishing-ground.